Netflix Ups Number of Netflix Devices per Account to 50

I hope other companies see things like this and can understand just why Netflix is so beloved by consumers. Not only do they provide an awesome service at a great price, but they’re not trying to nickel & dime their customers at all. Are there people taking advantage of the Netflix streaming limits and sharing accounts? Probably. But I guarantee you there are just as many people who eventually decide to subscribe simply because it’s so worth it because the product is GOOD.

You may watch instantly on up to 50 unique devices:
Including personal computers and Netflix ready devices. You may also use this page to manually de-register devices you no longer wish to use for watching instantly. A deactivated device can be reactivated later if you wish to resume using it.

Hacking Netflix

  • That’s a good change.  If I

    That’s a good change.  If I actually activated all the devices I have around the house that can do Netflix, I would’ve exceeded the old limit.  Not that I need 4 devices on one TV activated, but nice to know that now I can.  I’m assuming that the number of concurrent streams allowed didn’t change.

  • I hit my limit all the time. 

    I hit my limit all the time.  I have 2 computers, a phone, a Roku box, an Xbox (not using this anymore) and a PS3 that all connect.  I also enabled Netflix at my Lake Tahoe cabin (even though I only get a 1mbit connection there) on the BD player so I was at 7 devices.  I had to stop using it on my computer for this reason.


    Oh wait, I also tried it on my ipod Touch as well so that’s 8.  That didnt’ work because for some reason my Touch couldn’t maintain a constant internet stream.

  • I’ve got two desktops, a PS3,

    I’ve got two desktops, a PS3, an HTPC, a laptop and two Nooks (running CM7) so that’s seven devices. Does this mean they upped the limit of concurrent streams too?

  • I’m still pissed off that

    I’m still pissed off that they tie your xbox to just one netflix account. I’d much rather be able to have multiple netflix accounts on one xbox than to keep adding more devices. Sure, allowing more devices is probably a godsend for many but I’ve never hit my limit and the one account thing is a daily headache for me and tons of others with multiple account households. Do other devices allow multiple accounts to be linked to them? (I don’t own a Roku for comparison)

    • Roku and my Samsung display

      Roku and my Samsung display Netflix apps both do not have one-click switching. In general, that’s the way most apps work, they expect a single account is used so in order to switch, credentials for each account must be entered.

      Netflix streaming also has a flaw in that unlike with physical media, there is no way to have recommendations for different users. I suspect that this will be improved over time and Netflix apps will at least have user profile switching within the app.

  • They may allow 50 devices,

    They may allow 50 devices, but be careful about sharing your password with others.    Tennessee just passed a law that makes sharing your Netflix password a FELONY

  • I have been at my limit for a
    I have been at my limit for a while…I am glad this has changed…but what to connect now??