iOS 5 Brings Display Mirroring to Apple TV via the iPad 2

Now this is pretty cool if you watch a lot of streaming content and don’t want to hassle with finding a 10′ friendly version of each site. It’s good to see Apple sticking behind the AppleTV. Keep in mind, there are plenty of items such as the Brite-View or Veebeam that we’ve reviewed on MissingRemote that can do the exact same thing without an AppleTV or needing an iPad…but still, this is free assuming you have both. Via eHomeUpgrade.

  • For those feeling really

    For those feeling really frisky.  Run OS X Tiger under virtualbox with atv4mac on your HTPC.  Then you won’t need an Apple TV =)  (I’ve never actually tried that specific setup, but I bet it’d be fun to try…)