Watch Netflix on unsupported Android Devices

I think everyone here is a fan of hacks and tweaks that let you do things that weren’t originally designed. So if you’re one of them, and you happen to be one of the unlucky Android owners of an unsupported phone, there’s a chance you can still use the new Netflix application to stream. Pretty neat…of course, if it breaks your phone, don’t blame us.

Netflix officially realeased for 5 devices because those are the ones that the devs tested with. They knew there would be issues with untested devices (fcs, crashes, no video/sound, etc) so they coded the app to refuse to play on anything but the tested 5. All this hack does is circumvents that restriction by making the app think you are on one of the supported ones. There some devices which seem to work fine with the app but were never tested by the devs. Such devices as the nook color, the LG optimus S/V. These work perfectly after this while others still may have problems.


  • Rooted phone is required ….
    Rooted phone is required …. so don’t try on a phone your work owns, I am sure your boss would not like it. I am sure by months end we will see more devices.

  • I have the Optimus V so I’ll

    I have the Optimus V so I’ll probably give this a try for fun when I find some time.

  • Works great on my EVO when

    Works great on my EVO when connected to wireless. 3g is pretty much useless. I wish there was a way to set the buffer to work with 3g. It would be nice to pass it to the kids when we have a long trip in the car. I would think the entire file would only be a few hundred meg for a 4 inch screen.