Video Transcoding Examined: AMD, Intel, And Nvidia In-Depth

TomsHardware dedicates 13 pages to the topic of Video Transcoding. If this seems like a bit too much for you, make sure you start off with our Beginner’s Guides…then maybe you’re ready for 13 pages.

We recently covered image quality in our review of the first desktop Brazos mini-ITX board. If you already read it, then you know there were some surprising results when we dug into the platform’s image decode/encode capabilities. All else being equal, the output quality of encoded video was fairly similar in comparing Intel and AMD. Nvidia’s CUDA-accelerated output was another story entirely, though. Any video we pumped through it had discernible blockiness in high-motion scenes. We’d been warned about this previously, but it took a lot of A-B comparison to realize how bad the situation really was.

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