D-Link Making a YahooTV App Device

We don’t normally link to press releases at MissingRemote since they’re usually just fluff and who knows how they actually perform, but I couldn’t help it on this one since I was actually stunned to see this. Apparently D-Link believes there’s enough demand for Yahoo!’s ConnectedTV widget-based platform that they think people will pony up $200 just to add it to their existing sets. Really? Wouldn’t you rather spend those $200 on a Boxee box? Or heck even an XBox 360, connect it to your TV, and have WAY more power and features? Maybe I’m missing something…

Today D-Link announced plans to launch the first ever Internet-connected media player, featuring the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. The D-Link® device will provide consumers access to the Yahoo! Connected TV experience without the purchase of a new TV. The announcement of this media player signifies the expansion of the Yahoo! Connected TV platform to new devices, beyond the embedded experience offered by leading TV brands Samsung, Sony, LG, VIZIO and Toshiba. The D-Link device will cost less than $200 and will be available in Q2, 2011.


  • I agree 200 bucks is more

    I agree 200 bucks is more than the annual cost of a cable box. OTA, Netflix and eztv.it is all I need.

  • Perhaps if this was much

    Perhaps if this was much cheaper I could see it having a chance, but yeah at $200 there are too many other more fully featured options.