XBMC Dharma RC2 Release Candidate Available


If you’re a fan of free HTPC software, then pay attention as a new release candidate version of XBMC (Xbox Media Center) is out. If you’ve never heard of it, XBMC is basically a community developed frontend software for your home theater computer–think Media Center and SageTV without TV tuner support. Has some super slick skins for those interested.

  • Shoutcast support has been redone. Listening to your favorite online radio stations with the shoutcast plugin is now a much nicer experience.
  • The add-ons moved out of the testing repository and into their permanent home. This means that everyone will need to upgrade in order to see future add-on updates. If you continue to use RC1 or previous, please don’t report a lack of updates.
  • Automatic updates for add-ons are now enabled by default. Of course, you can still disable them via the add-on manager if you prefer.