Theater operators fight studios’ plan to release movies in homes earlier

I’m sure everyone just has the consumer’s interest in mind here, but who doesn’t enjoy $50 dates to the movies and would rather, *gasp* spend less money to watch it in the comfort of your home? That’s ludicrous if you ask me. -end sarcasm-

The outreach is in response to statements by media executives touting plans to offer movies in the home via video on demand at a price of $30 to $60, one to two months after they are released in theaters.

Premium-priced VOD is foreseen as a new revenue source for studios looking to offset declining DVD sales, as well as a boon for cable companies that have been stymied in their efforts to deliver movies into the home earlier in part because of concerns it could cannibalize home video sales.

LA Times

  • $30-60 to watch a movie at

    $30-60 to watch a movie at home?  Are they serious? The Hollywood execs must have all gotten together and watched the latest Wall Street movie and decided that greed is, in fact, good.  The really sad part is that if this is somehow successful, movie theaters could very well become exctinct.  Theater operators are already hanging on by a thread and are forced to generate revenue via outrageous concession prices.  I rarely go to the theater anymore for this very reason.  That and the fact that my home theater has a better sound system than any of my local theaters.

    There’s enough crap generated by Hollywood that there is always something to see through rental outlets like Netflix or BB.  I have never understood the overwhelming need to see a movie the moment it’s released.  If the movie is good, it will still be good days, weeks, or even months from now.  Our society has been driven to the point where no one has any patience anymore.  When we want something we expect to have it now.  We’re like a nation of spoiled children.

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      EDITED by me.  captain_video

      EDITED by me.  🙂

      [quote=captain_video]We’re like a nation of spoiled children.


      Sadly, it’s true.  Overnight shipping?  Why?  Plan ahead instead.  To stick more on topic, though, I’ll go to a theater if it’s an action packed movie, which will benefit from the very large screen.  Comedies?  Nope.  Drama?  Maybe.  Romance?  Never.  Sci-Fi?  Usually.  Action?  Almost always.