Selling Family-Friendly Edited Movies…Illegal?

So there’s a bit of sarcasm in the title, but what did this guy expect? He was editing their movies, taking out “bad” stuff, and then selling the DVD-R with zero copy protection. Whatever happened to parents just not letting their kids watch movies they weren’t old enough for? Would you really want your 8-year old to watch a non-bloody version of “Hurt Locker”? On the bright side, it’s good to see studios can work together when it’s for their benefit (yes I’m still bitter about HD-DVD). 🙂

I tried finding some information from their website, but at the time of this the Family Friendly DVD website was down for the count.

A coalition of major studios including Paramount, Warner Bros., MGM, Disney, Universal and Fox has filed a lawsuit against a defendant who has taken DVD movies such as “Iron Man 2,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Prince of Persia” and “Date Night,” altered them to be free of objectionable content, redistributing them to consumers as “family-friendly.” The lawsuit was filed on Thursday in Arizona District Court against Family Edited DVDS, Inc. and its leader, John Webster.

  • You can watch the Hurt Locker

    You can watch the Hurt Locker edited and the studios can’t do anything about this method.  Seems like real issue is the selling of DVD-R rips of movies and not the family-friendly editing.  Personally, if I had burnt disc with edited version, it would be with RiffTrax audio added in already.