Samsung PN50C7000 50 inch Plasma TV Review

Here’s a review on a pretty nifty 50″ plasma from Samsung, who seem to have a million TV’s on the market (have you been to Best Buy lately?). But nonetheless, they provide one for everyone’s needs, in this case a 3D TV for less than $2000 is pretty solid deal. Although, no glasses included…pretty weak.

For anyone looking to jump into the 3D market but don’t necessarily have the biggest budget on the block, the Samsung PN50C7000 is a great place to start. At 50″ diagonal you won’t be complaining about a small screen, and if you are then you can step up to 64″ behemoth. The PN50C7000 brings to your house exceptional picture quality. The black level performance is the best I’ve seen and the colors are both accurate but vivid and lifelike. The integrated apps brings a ton of extra features to the table that not all competitors have, and best of all they’re free!

  • Owning the big brother to

    Owning the big brother to this model, I have to disagree with a few points.

    1. A 50″ is too small 🙂

    2. I don’t think using the X-rite software is the correct way to calibrate the display for video, but it is good for desktop/photo editing purposes.

    3. Active shutter 3D tech on plasmas (VT25, C8000) is better than what I have experienced in the theater. Avatar 3D BD isn’t even out yet, so it seems unfair to compare Monsters v. Aliens 3D BD to Avatar in the theater.

    • swoon wrote: Owning the big

      Hey! I just bought my 50″ Panasonic, so don’t tell me it’s too small! 😛 It’s not the size of the boat but the mot….err… apartment is small 🙂

    • swoon wrote:

      1. A 50″ is too


      1. A 50″ is too small 🙂