Samsung LN55C650 55″ LCD HDTV

Guess this is the day for reviews. I wonder if the extra 5 inches will satisfy someone like Swoon, or if it’s still too small? This one is even more affordable, and an LCD, just under $1500. Looks pretty slick.

With a high quality HD signal, the video performance was consistently excellent. Vivid and natural come to mind. The quality of the signal and the programming affected the video far more than minor changes in the TV controls. With poorer quality material, the artifacts and flaws of the original were easily seen, much like with poor sources and a high quality audio system. In general, the Samsung video processing handles the deinterlacing, upconversion and other tasks very well, with great transparency. These comments held true for 1080i TV broadcasts, 1080p Bluray discs, as well as a wide range of 1080p and 720p digital files.

  • Love this TV

    I purchased this TV in July, and have been completely satisfied since.


    I looked at the comparable LED Versions from Samsung and Sony, but after playing with the settings and weighing the cost, I jumped on the CFL lit unit for the savings of 1k.

    My only issue is the glare from the panel. They used a glossy cover of some form on the front, and it can get a bit bright in the right setting.