NBC Picks Up 3 Series for Full Season

It looks like it may almost be time for me to start watching The Event, as it has been picked up for a full season by NBC.  However, a full season does not necessarily mean a second season is guaranteed; far from it, in fact.  In addition to that, NBC also announced the same full season pickup for Law & Order: Los Angeles and Outsourced.  I only watched a single episode of L&O: LA, but it seemed familiar, given my affinity for the other spinoffs, but the nuances of LA make it seem fresh enough to enjoy again.  The NY scene was definitely stale at this point.  I previously mentioned this in the forums , but it bears repeating.  I completely and utterly intended to hate Outsourced, but I have been shocked by the fact that I am enjoying it.  It may very well be the humour stemming from the cultural differences which is drawing me to it.  If you decide to give it a shot, promise yourself to watch at least 3 episodes before giving up.

…NBC noted that "The Event" and the Los Angeles-set "Law & Order" have improved ratings in their time slots, while "Outsourced" is doing well with advertiser-favored young adult viewers.