Up to 30k Torrent Users Targeted for Litigation

If you’re a torrent user, the next few weeks could be a little scary.  While I do firmly believe that copyright holders and content creators are entitled to make money off their property, the RIAA has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that three things are for certain:

1.  Suing your customers is bad for PR
2.  Stopping downloaders does not stop the large, money-making pirate organizations
3.  Profits do not go up as a result of lawsuit "wins"

So, why bother?  I guess because misery loves company and some people are a little slow.

In what may be a sign of things to come, more than 20,000 individual
movie torrent downloaders have been sued in the past few weeks in
Washington D.C. federal court for copyright infringement. A handful of
cases have already settled, and those that haven’t are creating some
havoc for major ISPs.

Another lawsuit targeting 30,000 more torrent downloaders on five more films is forthcoming, we’re told, and all this could be a test run that opens up the floodgates to massive litigation against the millions of individuals who use BitTorrent to download movies.