Top 10 Endearing Habits of a Geeky Spouse

I think I posted something similar to this last year, and it’s always a fun read. Moreso it’s fun to hear the discussion in our forums about what we agree or disagree with. Enjoy!



Providing technical support to friends and family. We may grumble and sigh about doing it so often, and we may get frustrated when our in-laws don’t know the difference between WEP and WPA. But don’t be fooled: We actually enjoy this on some level. Everyone — geeks included — likes to be needed, and geeks also love few things more than to look like an expert. So this is really a win-win: The non-geeks get their computers and gadgets fixed, and the geeks get to look like geniuses for doing things that wouldn’t impress a single one of their geek friends.