Kill-A-Watt Power Strip Review: Green Guilt Comes To Your Home Theater


If you have read any of my hardware reviews, you know I’m a *huge* fan of the Kill-A-Watt device, which allows you to see exactly how much electricity your devices are draining. If you always wanted to have one but on all your devices, then you’re finally in luck! Cool device with only a few drawbacks, one being the $75 cost. But given that the original Kill-A-Watt still costs around $30, it’s pretty reasonable.



Power geeks and generally paranoid people will find some subtle tools here that justify the extra expense: There’s a "Max Amps" switch that lets you set the point at which the auto-shutoff engages. When it does go into "over current mode," the red light will flash, letting you know that you’ve had a surge. It also has an "over load mode" that automatically cuts out at 15 Amps, as well as an EMI filter and a self-test.