Ceton’s quad CableCARD tuner for Media Center available for pre-order

Ben comes through yet again with more Ceton details; including a pre-order link that works: http://www.zones.com/site/product/index.html?id=003201915


That’s right, you can now reserve your place in line to be the first to record four HD cable shows at once on your Windows 7 Media Center. The bad news is that ship date for the InfiniTV 4 is now May 31st.Ceton wasn’t willing to share a specific reason for the 60 day delay, but we suspect CableLabs is to blame — Ceton refuted this and insisted CableLabs has been very helpful, but we don’t buy it. The other big news — for those that were concerned with noise or fitment options — is that the latest version of the PCI-E card pictured above no longer includes a fan. The InfiniTV name was the result of over 1000 submissions to Ceton’s naming contest, of which Gary Petro came up with winner — the name is not to be confused with Comcast’s XFINITY. Future tuners in the line will share a variation of the name, so the dual external tuner would be the InfiniTV ex2 — for example. But Gary isn’t the only one receiving a free tuner, as two more submitters were deemed worthy. Rus Sanchez submitted 94 different product names, while Charles Fraser earned his free card with the funniest submission; Wicked Super, Super Duper, and Super Duper Alleyoopder. The last bit of news out of the Kirkland startup is a littler clarification in regards to the network capabilities of the card. Although you can share the tuners with a small form factor PC on the network, the bad news is that it gets paired per CableCARD, so all four tuners have to go to the same PC. Ohh we almost forgot, the best news of all is that we received our review sample, so stay tunned for a full run down.