3D Vision Discover Provides Free 3D PC Gaming

I can’t imagine playing like this for very long, but looks like a fantastic way to try out 3D gaming without buying a new display and $150 glasses.  It just uses the standard red/blue glasses that you probably have somewhere at home.   I plan on trying this out tonight, as soon as I get some games loaded back on my system. 



Want 3D PC gaming but dont’ have the bucks to dump into a new Nvidia 3D Vision kit? There may be a way around the premium setup if you already own a Nvidia-based GPU. Press X Or Die has a small tutorial on how to get 3D up and running, however this method uses the old-school anaglyph technique using red and cyan filters. That said, you may need to make your own specs–finding a pair on the market may be next to impossible outside ordering through Nvidia.