1. News Template (replace w/article title)

Replace this test w/image decription

3.  Replace this text with your own comments about the article here.  Feel free to write as much commentary as you think is warranted.

5.  Paste catchy quote or quotes from article here.



First:  Edit this template and COPY the entire top box (the "Intro Text") to a NEW, blank post.  DO NOT alter this one!

  1. Under "Title", replace title w/actual title of article
  2. Under "Category" (sorry, I couldn’t get a #2 in that box), select category which applies to the article being posted
  3. Replace text with your own commentary about the article.  Try to come up with something which will "hook" the reader.
  4. If you have an image for the article, click the example image and click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon in the toolbar.  Upload your image and replace the description with a real image description.  If you have no image, delete the example image and the blank line.
  5. Insert a quote from the article to grab the reader.
  6. Replace link text with actual name of site hosting the article.  Click "Insert/Edit Link" icon in the toolbar and change URL to actual address of the article.
  7. At the bottom of this page (again, sorry, but I can’t get numbers down there), select the "Publishing" tab, change the "State" to "Published" and check the box to "Show on front page".