Sony pulls plug on OLED TV in Japan

Didn’t I recently see an announcement of something like Toshiba planning on finally RELESING their OLED TV set? And hot after that Sony says they’re dropping it? I guess I’m disappointed but not really surprised given the absurd pricing that surrounded the buzz on the initial tiny models. But still if Sony is getting out of it and it’s a TV set, that’s a bad sign for others.


It is still technologically difficult to make large OLED panels and to produce them cheaply, limiting their potential as a mass-market product. Sony’s only model is an 11-inch set sold for 200,000 yen ($2,222) in Japan, considerably smaller and more expensive than other flat TVs. "As flat panel TVs are getting bigger and cheaper, hurdles for OLED models have become higher, at least in the short term," said Hisakazu Torii, vice president of Japanese TV market research at DisplaySearch.