February 9th Blu-ray Releases

And we’re back to how 2010 was going with a fairly weak selection to choose from. I seriously struggled here given the available options. I’m sure a lot of people might recommend Couples Retreat at a glance, but I saw it…and it was pretty bad. And this is coming from a Vince Vaughn fan. Being a huge fan of thrillers and Nip/Tuck, I really wanted to like Stepfather…but that was awful as well. So, I’m going with a bit of nostalgia. I almost went with Drop Zone, the Wesley Snipes skydiving classic. But in the end…

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


Living in California, how could I not suggest a Governator film classic such as Running Man. I actually just saw it again while I was back at the folks for the holidays, and my father and I got a good laugh throughout. It’s nothing revolutionary but it was entertaining. Given the recent release of Gamer also, it kind of reminds you of the original which I felt was better than the new re-hash. The movie even throws in the corny and expected "I’ll be back" quote….what’s not to love about it?!?! I told you it was a tough week to choose 🙂