3D HDTV and HDMI Explained


Great write-up as always from the HDGuru.com, this time covering the beauty that is 3D HDTV and just how big a headache it is for your current installations.



Your only solution will be to replace your receiver with a new one that’s 3D compatible or use one of a number of available “work arounds.” You can still use your current HDMI receiver with Panasonic’s upcoming 3D Blu-ray player because it includes a separate “audio only” HDMI output. Connect the video HDMI directly to your 3D set and the audio HDMI to your receiver to decode Dolby TruHD or DTS lossless codecs. No other manufacturer has announced this feature. You can also use coax or optical digital “outs” from the 3D Blu-ray player but you won’t get lossless audio and you’ll still have to connect the 3D Blu-ray player directly to the 3D HDTV to see the picture.