Vizio Dominates Black Friday With 280,000 TVs Sold, What Recession?

Well…I guess people aren’t buying cars (except me) but they sure had no problem buying a TON of big screen TV’s! Over a quarter million units just from Vizio! That doesn’t even count all the $250 32" TV’s that I’m sure flew off shelves as well. I’m more impressed by the data here that over 50% of the sets were 120hz or higher…good sign not everyone is just going for budget.


Vizio added a few new features to their new sets this year, including LED backlighting, even on their smaller televisions, and they’ve been well received by customers. Of the 280,000 televisions sold by Vizio during the week of Black Friday, 50,000 of them featured a 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rate.