The 5 Best TVs You Can Buy

Before you see the link to Gizmodo and freak out, know that Gizmodo got help from THE HdGuru expert himself to compile this list. As always, consult your budget and needs accordingly before you take any of these lists too seriously, but some sweet looking displays here indeed.


You know it’s been a weird year for TVs when not one but two of our top picks are no longer being manufactured, but are still being sold. Pioneer’s sweetest (and last) Kuro line is technically a monitor: There’s no tuner or audio. But the Signature models offer the deepest black of any high definition display on the market—without any white-letter-on-black-background halos occasionally seen on LED-based LCD TVs. The Signature models features hand selected parts, 2.5-in. depth, Custom Calibration, 72Hz refresh and control over the internet via its Ethernet connection. The Pioneer uses a single top sheet of glass to minimize internal reflections, with the anti-reflection coating bonded directly to the surface.