November 17th Blu-ray Releases

After last week’s quality selections, this week comes in even stronger! From the long list there’s enough to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Lots of classics to choose from with their Blu-ray releases, most notably Chasing Amy, Fight Club, and The Professional are all amazing movies if you haven’t seen them before. But, I had to go with a new film for the pick of the week…

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Probably not surprising to most as this is easily the most anticipated Blu-ray release of the week and should look phenomenal in high definition. Star Trek is a prequel to all the other Star Trek films, putting a nice spin on the series and a refresher for all–whether you were or not a fan of them. I was never a big fan but this movie kept me very interested. Add the fantastic special effects and storyline and you can understand why this is a must buy on Blu-ray!