Win7 MCE Remotely Schedule Record…with some work

Just came across this over at TheGreenButton forums, where a member there has created an app to let you schedule recordings on your MCE remotely. It’s far from seamless though and still very early in development, but it’s good to see someone working on it since Microsoft abandoned the simple MSN Remote Record (*tear*)

I’ve posted a rather simple application (with source code) up on Codeplex ( that monitors a gMail account for a message with a TitanTV TVPI attachment. If the message is from a known good source (i.e. a name or phrase that we’ve designated that must be in the sender’s email address), and if the subject contains a secret word (defined at program installation), the attached TVPI file is parsed, converted to Click-to-Record XML format, and submitted to Media Center using the CreateScheduleRequest method of the EventSchedule class in the Microsoft.MediaCenter.TV.Scheduling namespace.