Toshiba REGZA 46SV670U LED LCD Television Review


Toshiba has itself another quality set here, although there is some marketing fluff added in with some of the specs. Doesn’t make it any less quality, but just something to make sure you pay attention to if you’re in the market.



One of the more revealing tests we performed on the REGZA 46SV670U was the Rainbow Dither 2/3 test which is present on the AVIA Pro disc. This test is excellent for determining the level of rainbow effect (RBE) in DLP projector, but it also serves as an excellent motion pattern for checking out how well 120Hz processing is functioning in a display. It was with this pattern that we armed ourselves to determine, once and for all, just what the processing on the Toshiba was doing. It turns out the answer was: not much. While the Film Stabilization mode eliminates judder completely, the ClearScan 240 mode hardly affected the on-screen image at all when activated or deactivated. Except for the decreased light output due to the backlight scanning on and off at twice the normal frequency, there was really no discernible difference in the picture. Motion blur was still present and the picture didn’t take on that "Live HDTV" feel that often accompanies 120 Hz frame interpolation. Noise reduction, for HD material, was also almost completely absent.