Oppo Drops DVD to Focus on Blu-Ray

I don’t think this is nearly as significant as it appears from the title, since Blu-ray players are backwards compatible with DVD movies anyways. Given the current economy of such low-cost DVD players, along with the ridiculous popularity and rave reviews of their Blu-ray units, and it’s not all that surprising at all.

HighDef Digest

In a recent conversation with British home theater site Home Cinema Choice, a spokesman for Oppo revealed a bit about the company’s plans for the future. In a matter of a few months, Oppo plans to set up a base in the UK to expand the business of Blu-ray. As far as DVD goes, that time is over for Oppo according to spokesperson Pan Min. “We have sold out of DVD players and there are no more to come,” he states. “The DVD business is over for us. We are committed to Blu-ray.”