More CEDIA Cable Card News and Notes

Following up on the news last night regarding the changes to Cablecard we have some follow up stories from the fellas lucky enough to have made the journey to CEDIA. The DiSH tuner post appears to be a giant tease as it’s claimed to be a "proof of concept" but the CETON tuners do make the DIYer in me drool with potential!

Geektonic – Multi Channel CableCard Tuner for MediaCenter Arrives from Ceton

The Ceton Multi-Channel Cable TV Card will be the first-of-its-kind solution for enabling advanced cable TV services natively on Media Center (i.e. first multi-tuner CableCard tuner) It supports playing or recording up to 6 HD cable TV channels simultaneously, including premium channels, without the need for any cable set-top boxes. It also enables secure distribution of all TV programming, including live and recorded shows as well as premium and encrypted channels, to additional TV sets in the home via Media Center extenders.



EngadgetHD – Dish Network Media Center tuner hands-on

Which means no matter how hard we tried, no one would tell us anything about price or availability. The other thing up in the air was if the actual implementation would be based on VIP211K HD STBs like the demo, or if instead there would be a dedicated tuner. The last unknown was around VOD or PPV, which we know was recently being tested, but still no word if it’ll make the final version. The other bad, but not unexpected news, is the fact that like the first generation CableCARD tuner for Media Center, all the content is copy protected. As for how it works, looks good, but the channel changing was slower than our CableCARD tuner enabled Media Center.