Hands On: EMP Tek E5Ti Tower Speaker


Now here are some very cool looking tower speakers that won’t completely destroy your wallet. Coming in under $800 for the pair, the reviewer is very pleased with both the appearance and the sound quality coming from these. I only wish I had the space fro some nice towers.


Electronic House

The Impression line is, without a doubt, some of the best looking speakers to come out of the EMP/RBH camp. Offered in gloss black or gloss red burl, the finish of the speakers is stunning. The front baffle is a gloss black and the sides are the red burl (the E5Ti is black, while the E5Tir is red). The speakers are a bit shorter than many tower speakers at 35.5 inches tall, but not so short that they have the tweeter too far below ear height. The sides angle back reminiscent of many speakers.