CEA Asks FCC To Review CableCard Rule

God bless news like this. Even if it’s nothing concrete yet, the fact that there are people out there looking out is invaluable. Especially with the technology of cable card which has so much potential yet has been an utter PITA to implement and really hasn’t taken off. I’m not sure what can be done really, but at least someone is taking responsibility for trying to change the tide.


The Consumer Electronics Association has asked the FCC to review whether the agency’s rule requiring cable operators to use CableCards in their own set-tops is achieving the goal of spurring competition for retail cable-ready devices…Among other things, the CEA asked the FCC to seek comment on whether "the common reliance rule in its current form sufficiently safeguards competition in the retail device market as operators roll out new technology platforms and services," CEA VP of Regulatory Affairs James Hedlund wrote in the filing.