TVersity Goes Pro – Adds Content Access to Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Joost, Sling, and Others

I’ve been using TVersity for awhile now to view unsupported video on my Xbox 360. Looks like now they have support for a lot of popular video sites. PlayOn might need to watch their backs.


TVersity has stepped up their game and has added access to many of the top video sites on the Net [full list]. According to TVersity’s announcement (attached below), TVersity Pro
($29.95) is able to accomplish this by playing premium web content via
an “off-screen browser.” TVersity is still able to transcode user
generated video from these same sites for playback on supported
devices, but premium content, which needs to maintain ad insertion /
tracking / measurement scripts, will open up in a dedicated browser. In
addition, TVersity has added new drag-in-drop subscription functions
(in addition to RSS) to its GUI so one can keep current with their
favorite content channels.