The Daily Button – Skirge Format Edition Take 2

This is take 2 of the Skirge’s Modified Format for The Daily Button! Thanks to everyone’s suggestions :). Please leave your eggs in the comments.


EngadgetHD has their weekly roundup of Blu-ray releases for the week of October 21st, 2008. James Bond fans will rejoices as it is a big week for classic Bond in high-def goodness.

Blu-ray continues to gain traction as prices fall and companies figure out charging $35 for a Blu-ray disc is slightly stupid. Netflix has more evidence to support this with 500,000 of their 8.7 million subscriber base opting to rent Blu-ray when available.

When the blankity blksdfasd will there be a blankity blank plugin for blankity blank media center blankity blank. Wait? What? Oh, sorry I just assumed someone in the blogosphere was ranting about Hulu not being on Media Center. Actually, this is a blog post from linking you to Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL.

I am not one to purchase TV shows on DVD but if you are TV Squad has a list of shows that are will be on store shelves tomorrow.

Boxee + Hulu = cranky Microsoft user? 

Home Theater

Blu-ray for under $200? You betcha eh! EngadgetHD has the scoop on Best Buy’s $199 Insignia Blu-ray player.

Sound & Vision delves deep into one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. Is there a relationship between the price and its weight?

The Onkyo SR606 has been discussed in our forums recently for its cheap price and multitude of features. If your budget is 600 bucks more you might want to check out Secrets of HT & HIFI’s review of the SR806 THX certified review.

You can never have to big of a TV right? Check out Audioholics review of Mitsubishi’s WD-73735 73" DLP. This TV can be yours for a mere $2500.

Speaking of receivers, Electronic House, in conjunction with AVS members, has released a list of 8 great receivers for under $1000.

Are we compensating for something by getting bigger TVs? Beside poor eyesight? I’ll let that one slide by while you check out Ultimate A/V’s review of LG’s 50PG60 plasma TV . I have to be honest here, I doubt I would look outside a Pioneer or Panasonic plasma if I was in the market.

HTPC & Extenders

Kevin is back in the saddle at Floppyhead and talks about his experience with Playstation 3 . He spent a bit of time with the media streaming capabilities and came away unimpressed.


We Got Served, purveyor of WHS news, gets the scoop on the new Linksys Powerline adapters. From what I have read, powerline adpaters have a sucess rate of about 50/50. If you are lucky enough to get a high rate connection, it sure beats having to use wireless for streaming media.

The TechReport has a review up of Nvidia’s GeForce 9300 chipset . They even have a short blurb about HD video playback :)’s relevant discussion can be found here .