EngadgetHD Extender Shootout

If you haven’t caught EngadgetHD’s Vista Extender shootout, it is well worth the read. Ben took the three extenders available on the market today and put them through a few rounds of rigorous testing. As we have come to know, the Linksys and the D-Link make good extenders but lack the cool animated transitions that the Xbox360 is capable of. What it boils down to, is if you can keep a 360 in a cabinet to reduce fan noise, it is the way to go.

A whole other subject is the limitation of extenders today. When trying to make the switch to an extender based system, I found the lack of file support extremely frustrating. I am rather surprised that the hardware has taken so long to catch up.


We are glad to see so many new ways to access all of our HD content (including recorded HD cable) on any HDTV in the house, and we’re happy to say that every one of these devices is a great solution. But while gamers will be drawn to the value of the Xbox 360, the noise and sheer size of the box prevent it from being the ultimate solution for others. So as much as we miss the cool animated transitions, the old adage "Jack of all trades, master of none" was never more true, and in the case of Media Center Extenders we really prefer the Linksys DMA2100. It is less expensive, boots up faster, and is so small and quiet it will work in just about any application where the main goal is to access VMC. At the same time, it is a close race, and since an Extender is the kind of device you’re likely to own more than one of, we’d probably choose one of each if we were outfitting our entire house.