AnandTech’s Radeon HD 4850 Preview


Anandtech’s preview of ATI’s newest Radeon HD 4×00 series confirms what we’ve been hearing all along. The Radeon 4×00 series finally supports proper 8-channel LPCM over HDMI   Bring on the mid-range Radeon HD 4650 version!


All of AMD’s Radeon HD graphics cards have shipped with their own audio codec, but the Radeon HD 4800 series of cards finally adds support for 8-channel LPCM output over HDMI. This is a huge deal for HTPC enthusiasts because now you can output 8-channel audio over HDMI in a motherboard agnostic solution. We still don’t have support for bitstreaming TrueHD/DTS-HD MA and most likely won’t anytime this year from a GPU alone, but there are some other solutions in the works for 2008.