Upcoming Extender Reviews….what do YOU want?


Ok ladies & gentlemen…as has been implied by our fearless leader, I have in my possession some fabulous extender devices: The D-Link DSM-330 Connected device, and the upcoming HP Media Center Connect Extender (c’mon, you didn’t think I would do a webinar without seeing the thing, did you?).

dsm1.png hpms.jpg

So…with that being said, I’m taking each one through its paces, and wanted everyone’s feedback on if there’s something particularly unique that they want to see for one, or both, of the devices. Is there a particular test you want run for video quality? Is there a particular codec or file format you want to know if it plays? Anything crazy you can think of, I’ll test if I can. Leave your feedback in our comments section below, and I promise I will do my best!