The Daily Button – March 19th, 2008

I must aplogize for the lack of news updates over the past couple of weeks. I have had a couple of business trip and have been plain busy all around :). I should be back in the saddle mid-next week. Thanks again for your continued readership.

VMC Plugin News: Druid 1.0.2 has been released @ Chris L.

Blu-ray News: Pioneer BDP-95FD review @ EngadgetHD  

Blu-ray News: SlySoft’s latest AnyDVD strips BD+ @ Slysoft

Blu-ray News: Past, Present & Future of Blu-ray @ Electronic House

Display Device News: Infocus to release IN83 (5,000:1 contrast, 1600 ANSI projector) @ AVGuide 

Display Device News: Matrox TripleHead2Go review @ Techgage 

HD DVD News: Best Buy to offer gift cards for people who bought HD DVD @ [H]ardocp 

TiVo News: Desktop 2.6 to have podcast support @ PVRWire 

Receiver News: Yamaha RX-V1800 receiver review @ Audioholics