Now Available Beyond TV 4.8


If you are looking for a PVR software, I always recommend taking a look at BeyondTV. Thought not a complete Media Center software, Snapstream has had a lot of time to polish their platform. A few of the notable additions to their latest version are: Saved Guide Searches– You can get a notification email next time BTV finds that a […]

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The Past, Present and Future of Blu-ray

Electronic House hits a double today with their recent article looking at ins and outs of Blu-ray’s life and future. Electronic House For the past couple of years, the recent Hi Def DVD wars looked, on the surface at least, like a tired replay of the original DVD format bake off. But there was much more to this Blockbuster story, […]

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Explaining Electrostatic Speakers

Electronic House, one of my favorite publications for home theater basics, has good article explaining electrostatics speakers. Never heard of them? Nor have I? THey look to be pricey too but it is a good geek story! Electronic House Gone are the traditional cones and magnets. Rather, these exotic speakers use an ultra thin diaphragm and good dose of power […]

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