The Daily Button – Feb. 25th, 2008

As you can tell by our latest guides, John and Lothar have taken over We will now be focusing our efforts on creating the perfect MythTV install with every Linux install available. That’s right, the word alpha software means nothing to us. We will blaze new trails and make MythTV stand on its head when we are done ;).

Wait.. does that mean I have to give up my CableCards?

Wait.. We need a staff meeting.

I’ll get back to you this, in the mean time enjoy today’s Daily Button.

Display Device News: How to get HDTV content on your new HDTV @ Audioholics

Display Device News: Samsung LN-T4671F LCD review @ Ultimate AV 

Speaker News: SVSound MTS-01 floor standing speaker review @ Secrets of HT & HI-FI

Remote News: Harmony One review @ Sound & Vision Magazine  

Tuner Card News: AverTV Bravo Hybrid TV Tuner uses H.264 @ PVRWire 

HD DVD News: Xbox360 player dead @ Xbox 

High Def DVD News: Nearly half of Paramount’s Blu-ray titles are in stock @ Amazon again @ Engadget HD  

SageTV Plugin News: Recipe STVi for SageMC @ SageTV 

Vista Extender News: Linksys Extender review Part 1 @ Chris L

Stage6 News: Stage6 to shut down

VMC Plugin News: Vista4Cast 1.2 @ TGB 

SageTV News: How to skip commercials with SageTV @ Brent Evan’s Geek Tonic 

DVR News: DVR’s increase TV viewing by 3% @ DVR Bulletin

VMC News: Loads of Vista SP1 Media Center fixes @ Floppy Head   <— Good read on fixes and updates. The two notable upgrades are support for new kinds of extenders and an enhanced MPEG-2 encoder. There is a host fixes that should bring stability to alot of machines out there.