HTPC Tip Of The Day: Media Center Programs Part 2

This is part 2 of our continuing HTPC Tip Of The day series profiling various media center programs.




Home Page  – www.gbpvr.vom

Cost – Free

Description: GB-PVR is a fully featured home media center application, allowing you
to easily use a remote to watch tv, schedule recordings,  watch videos,
watch DVDs, listen to music, view photos etc.

Client/Server Topology – Stand Alone/Server/Computer Client/Placeshifting via Enhanced Web Admin/Web Scheduling Via Enahnced Web Admin

Supported Operating System – Windows


Home Page  –

Cost – Free\Version 2 & Above available to Custom Installers

Description: We give you a simple way to control content like your music, movies,
photos…and lets not forget the hardware such as audio receivers and
lighting. xLobby is also very customizable, giving you endless

xLobby is also all about the end user, we listen to our community of members and we strive to give you what you need.

Topology – Stand Alone/Server/Computer Client/PocketPC Client/Multizone Audio

Supported Operating System – Windows


Meedio as a company was bought by Yahoo a couple of years ago but the program lived on. Support has continued at Development of plugins and cusomtized installers still continue while we wait for the open source project to mature. If you are interested in Meedio head on over to this forum.


Home Page:

Cost – Open Source/Free

Description – MeediOS is an open source rewrite of Meedio. Their goal is to match the same functionality of Meedio and continue to develop beyond that. Currently MeediOS is in development phase and is considered pre-alpha.

Client/Server Topology – No idea 🙂

Supported Operating Systems: Windows