Zune Review & Other Bits

Chris has been busy over the past few days. He even had time to post up a lengthy review of the Zune.

Chris L

If you have something like a Zune 80 that plenty of hard drive space it is easy to use the "Sync all my music" option, then you can have it sync new content added on the PC wirelessly. However, on a smaller Zune 4GB/8GB (or even 30GB) this really isn’t an option that I’m aware of. In this case you still have to build a playlist of some sort on the PC before you can remotely or locally initiate the wireless sync, thus it becomes kind of pointless. If I’m already sitting at the PC I might as well plug-in the Zune via USB and sync it in 1/10 the time

He also mentions that Ricavision’s Remote has been delayed until summer. That is pretty dang cold to offer it up as a pre-order and make you wait 7 months.