Team mediaportal announces opensource WPF engine


The MediaPortal team announced that they are working on an
opensource WPF engine.
WPF as you know is Microsoft Flash killer and a great technology to
create rich GUI’s
The article states that the team found WPF to limited for use in a HTPC application and that this is one of the reasons they are now building a complete clone of WPF which will allow them todo things not possible with WPF.

For performance reasons we offload as much work as possible to the
graphics card. For example the brushes (like the RadialGradientBrush)
is fully rendered by the use of vertex/pixel shaders

We also try to make our version as compatible as possible with
Microsoft WPF so that if you use Expression blend, or if you have
exisiting xaml files they should be very easy to port to MP-II