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As we stand on the threshold of new formats for our audio and video media (BluRay/HDDVD/Holographic/Harddisk), this might just be Pioneer’s last branch on it’s DVD players tree. Just like the DV 600 AV, this is a multi format player (DVDA/DVDV/SACD and CD) with HDMI 1.3, only the DV-LX50 is a little more ‘high end’ for both audiophile and videophile.

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Nowadays, DVD players are a dime a dozen, with decks being sold in supermarkets and online for absolute peanuts. So with that in mind, is there really any sense in selling a DVD deck costing upwards of £400? Well, yes there is actually. Hardcore home cinema fans with expensive projectors and mega-screen flat-panel TVs need a top-quality video source to feed into them, one that boasts the finest components and the best build quality – virtues you simply won’t get from a cheapo supermarket deck. Pioneer has been specialising in high-end DVD players like this for some time, and its latest flagship model is aiming to keep the company’s fine reputation intact. The DV-LX50 is a universal player, which means it plays DVD-Audio and SACD as well as DVDs and CDs. This makes it not only the perfect deck for videophiles but music lovers too.