mControl v2.10 Sneak Peek #3: Windows Sideshow


The next great hope, imo, for the Media Center platform will be the ease in which you can integrate HA devices. mControl is doing their part to hurry along the revolution by releasing their next plugin with Sideshow support. This would be a fantastic addition to the Rica or any other Sideshow enabled device. They go onto mention that they are working to validate their software with devices like the Ricavision remote. Click the read more button for more information and pictures of mcontrol.

mControl forum link




It is easy. mControl fits right into your media center
system so that it can be viewed from your TV and operated with a remote

It is convenient. mControl runs on virtually all
Microsoft Windows systems and can be accessed using a browser
from anywhere.

It is easy on your wallet. mControl has been designed to work with off-the-shelf components so that
no expensive and/or complicated back-end equipment is required.

It is powerful. mControl supports leading-edge
technologies, like INSTEON and Z-Wave. mControl features a
powerful, but very easy to use, macro engine which allows you
take control of your digital home.

It is expandable. mControl can be used to control a couple of
switches/devices or it can be expanded to control thermostats,
security system and other systems.

It is all you need. There is no need to learn
additional software packages. From within mControl every element of
home automation can be set and adjusted.