LinuxMCE 0704 Released…now in british!

Ok, I’m sure maybe 50% of you actually remember the first LinuxMCE video …which was….um…..admirable? They’ve since upgraded to the newer, more expensive Gyration remote, but at least mention being able to use a standard MCE remote with it. Give the video a watch if you’re at all interested.


All major features are now working. LinuxMCE is integrated into the KDE desktop and runs on Kubuntu Feisty 0704. The installer is completely redone, and there are now 2 versions. The CD installer, which comes on 2 cd’s and installs on top of a clean Kubuntu install, or the new DVD installer which only requires key presses and setups up your hard drive and installs Kubuntu with LinuxMCE in about 20 minutes.