TiVo prepping a “mass appeal” HD DVR priced below Series 3

Now that TiVo finally got a quarterly profit for the first time ever, it appears they're going the aggressive route to keep things flowing. It's funny they have looked back and decided that $799 price point for a DVR *might* have been a tad excessive. At least they're going to try to remedy that now…well, at least that's what people are speculating.


If we gaze into our crystal ball, we see a fourth quarter "Series 3 Lite" coming with a reduced feature set. To get the cost down significantly, TiVo will likely have to eliminate the ability to record two shows at once, and some of the other niceties like the OLED display and external SATA may also be cut. Or, TiVo could keep dual tuners but cut the OTA (over the air) tuners. This is just speculation, of course, but something significant will have to be chopped to bring that price down below $399, which is where we suspect TiVo is aiming.