Verizon Launches FiOS TV 2.0


Dave Zatz has got some cool screenshots of the new Verizon FiOS updates. This is some pretty cool stuff you should seriously consider if you're in the supported areas. Hopefully it succeeds so that they'll expand, and then grow interest from other companies as well.     Zatz Not Funny Originally announced at CES, I've been given word that Verizon's […]

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The Media Center Show #109 Jason Alinen

Thursday!!!! One day left til Friday!! And of course, Ian's Media Center show! This time he's got Jason once again, from the Ice House MCE Jukebox, doing some pretty nifty things. Show Times: 00:50 Coming up this week 01:20 Email – Update on the Vidabox keyboard given away on show 97 02:03 Email – Does the Media Center Keyboard work […]

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My TiVo Story

I think this is a good article because of the temptation to just go with your cable co's DVR. Sure it's cheaper, but there's a reason TiVo costs a premium. This article gives a nice write up of what it's like to switch from the dark side. ExtremeTech  All I would need is a pair of CableCARDs from Comcast and […]

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