Optoma HD73 Single-Panel 16:9 720p DLP Digital Projector

Home theater nirvana is cheaper then ever thanks to projector prices dropping faster then… well craft your own thoughts for that one ;). 720p projectors are easily found below $2gs with 1080p following close behind. If you are in the market, check out Secret's review of the Optoma HD73.


Often, the room is also used as a family room or even a living room. It is rare that the average person has a dedicated room for their theater. After starting out with a basic home theater, many users do start to think about upgrading to achieve a better image. They buy a projector with a little higher resolution or better specs, they move from their sheet on the wall screen to some special white paint or a $500 screen, and maybe they enhance the window coverings beyond the original curtains their wife bought to match the carpet. But it is a rare case, especially in homes which the home theater has to share some other function, that the owner can paint the walls and ceiling black and purchase $10,000+ worth of projector, screen and accessories.