MythDora 4.0 Install Video

For several years, MythTV has been adding features and improving functionality, but one of it's major drawbacks is the perceived complexity of the install. I can remember many a moon ago when I first began as a Linux noob. It was a tough road, but each obstacle I climbed provided a learning experience that helps me still today. However, I have come to understand that not everyone is interested in learnng how the nuts and bolts of an OS function.  So, to all you "I just want it to work" people, here is a MythTV install for you. MythDora 4.0 is based on a custom Fedora 6 OS with MythTV 0.20. Pete Daly of has released a three part screencast detailing the install and configuration of a MythDora 4.0 system.


MythDora 4.0 has made huge improvments over MythDora 3.2 in the areas of hardware detection and ease of installation. I've put together a 3 part video walkthrough of the installation process on one of my systems.