The Media Center Show #102 – Bryan Socha on Decoders


My buddy Bryan, aka Accident, has taken the time to join Ian on his weekly podcast. This time up, they're talking about DVD Decoders for your Media Center, which is good as I think there's plenty of people that use the word and have no idea what they are or why they're needed. So check it out. And look…MissingRemote made the show log!!!

Show times

01:09 Coming up this week
02:00 Email – Customize the view of My Music
03:21 Missing Remote review of Showtime on Windows Media Center
04:15 Automated Home's videos of The Smart Home Show
05:03 Doug Knox tool for increasing the pause buffer
05:27 Nial Ginsbourg gets an MVP
06:00 My new Samsung Q1, pictures on the gallery
08:19 "Ask Charlie Owen"
09:00 The Digital Lifestyle Forum poster of the week
09:30 A message from One Voice
10:32 Welcome to Bryan Socha
11:00 Bryan's background
12:20 What is a Decoder
12:50 What happens if you don't have one?
14:00 Getting a Decoder
17:00 What are your options – PowerDVD, WinDVD, Nvidia, FFDShow
21:22 Can you install multiple Decoders on the same machine
22:28 Decoder Utility for XP or Vista
25:15 Using digital outputs
28:16 Common Decoder issues
32:48 burning DVD issues
37:12 Decoder built in to Windows Vista
44:27 BluRay and HD-DVD
49:26 The Format War
56:20 Thanks to Bryan

Listen to the show here .