Anandtech plays with the toy we all covet: ATI’s OCUR

See, when you're one of the biggest hardware sites, you can have access to some of the most guarded items this side of the Mona Lisa. Of course, they couldn't test with just the OCUR device, so Dell was kind enough to send them a box. If you're interested in Cable Card, they've got some nice information, including that there's even an activation key for the device. The more I hear about this, the less I believe we're even close to this coming to a BYOPC user.


Unfortunately things don't look too good for DIY-ers at this point; AMD mentioned that it currently has no intentions to release a TV Wonder DCT that would work with a home built system. The limitation stems from the BIOS flag requirement of OCCUR; without the necessary BIOS flag present Vista and the TV Wonder DCT hardware will not function. Currently that BIOS flag is only being provided to OEMs who will be producing Digital Cable Ready PCs, and not to motherboard manufacturers for use in their own motherboard designs