Yamaha RX-V2700 Receiver Review


Yamaha's RX-V2700 is a feature packed receiver that his Audioholic's studio for a bruising round of benchmark boogey. Coming in at just under $1700, the first thing I noticed was its netowrk connectivity. I am always interested to see if network connected devices are making any progress against HTPCs. I am not overly impressed with what it had to offer. It gives you the ability to stream internet radion, stream music, and XM Radio. Not exactly feature rich and I am sure won't even come close to replacing a feature rich HTPC.

Other features of this receiver incluse 140wpc * 7, 3 in 1 out HDMI (and scaling), assignable amplifiers for bi-amp connection and multi-zone, an a compressed music enhancer.


From the review:

Its audio
sound quality and amplifier performance are among the best Yamaha has
built to date in a sub $2k receiver. The assignable power amps should
serve a multi zone system quite well and allow the end user to upgrade
to a more powerful amp in the main zone (if needed) while not laying to
waste its excellent internal amps.

you have a MusicCAST MCX-2000 system, then it and the RX-V2700 will go
like peas and carrots together. Think of it as getting a remote server
thrown into the receiver for free. If you’ve gotta have the ability to
stream music off your PC, media server, USB drive or iPod, while still
hosting top notch AV duties, I can think of no better solution than the